(Continuing the collection of nathanna Gaeilge used in the area up to recent times. See 2011 Magazine for part 1.)

Cómhairing (working in a meitheal), e.g. We were cómhairing the bog work.
Lobby (<leaba=bed), eg We had a lobby behind the house.
Caiseach ( < cos, road of wicker through bog), eg We walked on the caiseach.
Dúirnín (handle), eg Hold on to the dúrneen of the scythe.
Cláirín (scythe board), eg Edge the scythe with the cláirín.
Péist (monster), eg He hit him a péist of a fist.
Méiscre (broken skin), eg She has a méiscre on her fingers.
Míníoch (mean), eg She is very míníoch when she’s out.
Iarlais (changeling left by the fairies), eg He’s only an iarlais.
Lastar (woman of low degree), eg She’s a right lastar.
Gabhal (genital area), eg She covered her gabhal!
Loch Éireann (Lake Erne), eg He’d drink Loch Éireann dry.
Woster (bastaire=big portion), eg I ate a big woster of bread.
Trálach (sore wrist), eg He had a trálach after the slasher.
Buaileam sciath ( a boaster), eg He’s a right buaileam sciath.
Lúbán (a crooked thing), eg She made a lúbán of the bike when she crashed.
Ladhar (pron. lyre, a fistful), eg He gave a ladhar of oats to the horse.

(We acknowledge the assistance of Seán Ó Catháin, Nodie Walsh, and the many people who contacted us with phrases. Please keep them coming for part 3 in 2013)