047Shank’s mare – On foot
Griddle – A circular flat cast iron disc used for baking bread
Brand – Three-legged stool used for putting griddle on
Winds – Cocks of hay
Raker – Farm machine pulled by a horse for clean raking of meadows of hay
Side delivery – Farm machine pulled by a horse, used for turning or the rowing-in of hay
Mangolds – A root fodder for animal feed
Haveler/Tumbler – Machine pulled by a horse for collecting hay for wynd-making
Haycar – A flat-bodied car for drawing wynds of hay
Sleán – A spade-like implement used for turf-cutting
Pulper – Hand operated machine for pulping turnips and mangolds
Thongs/Fongs – Shoes laces made from leather
Tilly-lamp – Paraffin lamp in widespread use before the rural electrification scheme was introduced
Thatch – Straw/reed used for covering houses before slates and tiles became popular
Scallop – made from willow and used to secure thatch to the roof
Common car – Horse or donkey’s car with iron-band wheels
The Púca – A ghost
The Boody Man – A fictitious man used to scare children
Banshee – A wailing cry, usually heard before a death
Wireless – Radio
Time-piece – Clock or watch
Carabunkle – A boil-like lump or sore
Sciortán – Small blood-sucking insect that attaches itself to the most tender part of the body!
Pointers – Triangular-shaped bread made from fine maize meal, better known as “yellow meal”
Pandy – Mashed potatoes
Skillet – Small cast iron pot used in an open fire
Stampey or Boxty – Cake made from potatoes and flour
High Nelly – Bicycle
Ciotóg – Left-handed/footed
The yellow pole – A sign indicating that one is approaching a school
Drain pipes – narrow-legged trousers
Winkle pickers – Pointed-toe shoes popular in the 60s
Hob nails – Boots with soles lined with studs and tips
Panny – A tin cup
Muller – Saucepan
The Stripper – The cow whose milk was used for the house
Gligín – A fool or an idiot
In a pucker – Not knowing what to do
A Balbhán – A person who speaks indistinctly
Half or full tierce – Barrel of porter
Firkin – Nine gallons of porter or ale
A Medium (pronounced Meeghum) – A glass or half pint of porter or ale
A Pony – A wine glass full of porter/half glass of porter
The Convey – Escorting a girl home after a dance
Dexter – Small breed of cow
Dexta – Ford tractor
The New Line – The main road linking Listowel to Ballybunion
The Bonham – Term commonly used for the “ace of hearts” in card-playing
Station Mass – Mass held in each townland of the parish twice a year (spring and autumn stations)
Losset – Wooden implement used in baking
Landrace – Breed of pigs
Rinso – Washing powder
Gruel – Maize meal boiled in milk