By Hilda Shanahan Francis, Ballybunnion

“As the rain falls on all fields” Bible
Some where
Some day
A bud slowly opens and the dice is thrown.
Will you taste the red seed of the pomegranate?
Or the bitter seed of the lemon
Will the bud of love open
The bud of romance
The bud of friendship
And as hamlet says
The friends thou hast, and their adoption tried
Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel.
The bud of courage
The bud of evil
The bud of youth
The tragedy of Erasmus students
Bus crash
Between Barcelona and Valencia
The bud blossoms
And you have found it all
Love, friendship the vibrancy of life
Alas soon –to soon
The blossom withers
Will you face the challenge?
Or run away
To destiny
But the bud that opens
As the bud opens
Afar, afar.
Is it a whisper or a roar you hear?
Only you have the answer
Taste the bud
The cup
The trophy of life
It is yours to take

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