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    David Kissane

    If I were at a Gathering in Ballydonoghue, I would get in contact with the class of Lisselton NS of 1967 and ask them to have a get together at The Thatch or Tomáisín’s or Cantillon’s.

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    Sean S

    We just got this from Padraig Bunyan (Coolkeragh/London) currently working on a Statoil platform 150 nautical miles off the coast of Norway, located about 40 miles south of the Arctic Circle.


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    Mary Nolan

    Definitely take part in any game to do with Hillsters versus Lowsters!! C’mon the Hill

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    Margaret Kissane

    I would love to gather at a good old fashioned field day on a sunny Sunday in the summer!Tug of war,bonny baby,wheel of fortune,ring the gander(maybe not!!)and lots more

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    Padraig Bunyan

    Have a pub quiz with questions only on parish trivia.

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    Timothy Carr

    A history walk around the parish with experts from each area adding some unknown trivia

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    Sean S

    Kerry Rose Danielle O’Sullivan having a quick read of the Ballydonoghue Parish Magazine today. Good luck Danielle!

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    Margaret Donoghue

    I would also like a gathering of the class of ’67 Lisselton NS,

    Crossroads dancing.

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    Jim Kissane

    I would meet with all my Irish family for a catch-up at a local Lisselton bar and enjoy a pint or two and good conversation.

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    Conor F

    I’d like to see an actual festival/gathering happen every year in Ballydonoghue.  Nearly all other parishes have one so why not Ballydonoghue? Why not pick a weekend in late July/early August and organise a variety of events, for example,

    Music Night, Quiz Night as requested already in this virtual gathering, Play Night to cover the 3 nights in the local pubs,

    Parish walk letting people know of all the interesting aspects to the parish,

    GAA underage blitz/family fun day and charity soccer/football match featuring current and past players.

    These are just a few thoughts off the top of my head, if we used the great talent of Ballydonoghue at home and abroad, we could have the makings of a fabulous gathering.

    Comments welcome – Ballydonoghue Abu!!!

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    Sinead O Brien/Foley

    Hello all
    Im very proud to see my dad so ably represented by Jason and Micheal.The website is wonderful
    My lunch break here at mayfield library cork city is fast bring eaten up browsing the site!!!!
    What a great tradition ye have in bsllydonoghue eith the magazine.my sister Noreen alays mafe sure I had a copy atChristmaseach year put in the putnack hete in Cork.

    BEST OF luck

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    Niamh Servignat

    I’d attend a rambling house to listen to stories for an hour, and follow that with a ceili dance.

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    Eileen A

    As per a previous comment, I would love to see the return of the parish Field Day… Good fun for all ages featuring arts & crafts to promote talent in the parish (and beyond!) as well as the old favourites like glamourous granny, bonny baby to name but a few… #nostalgic

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    Mary Cooper

    What a fantastic website! So well put together and informative! Well done to all involved! In the Summer months there could be ‘Dancing at the Crossroads’ at Lisselton incorporating music and songs from the area. In the Winter months it would be great to see the old traditions coming back such as a ‘Rambling House’ in various bars in the parish! It would show case the talent in the area and keep the songs, music, dance, poetry and recitations of times gone by alive and passed onto the next generation 🙂

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    dancing at the crossroads Lisselton Also rambling house

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    Kathy Reynolds

    We post this today (31st of August) as, with our early morning arrival on the boat train into Paddington, it marks 50 years to the day that we joined the Irish diaspora. We left Moybella on Tuesday the 30th August with our aunt, Mollie Fitzmaurice. Within a week we were both in school in Ealing, London W5 and our Ballyconry classroom was already becoming a memory. Were we homesick? Not really! After all, we were 10 and 13, it was the 60s in London and we knew that London then (and it’s still the case today) was an exciting place to be! It was only later that we came to appreciate the values that Ballydonoghue and its people had taught us.

    So what would we do at the gathering? A walk would certainly be desirable. From our old house in Moybella to the bridge at Foley’s, back to Ballyconry Cross, returning via Rice’s Road and on to Lisselton. We would certainly need a local guide. The houses have been modernised, extended or replaced and there are so many brand new houses! An evening at Tomáisín’s would be great, an opportunity to catch up with some of the people who attended Ballyconry school between ’57 & ’66. And, like every visit to Lisselton, there would be a lot of chat and cups of tea with neighbours and relations.

    Two photos attached from 1965 and 1966

    Kathy Reynolds (Fitzmaurice) & Bill Fitzmaurice – Moybella

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    Noelle Hegarty

    A weekend festival of the various award-winning musicians, dancers, authors, performers, etc, maybe a GAA challenge match of two prominent teams culminating in an event similar to the highly successful Field Days of the past with a Vintage/Threshing theme. All funds raised to go to a Ballydonoghue Parish development.

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    David Kissane

    Thanks for that Kathy and Bill. Great story and fabulous photos. Best wishes from the Ballydonoghue Parish Magazine committee.

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    Would be great to have a football match at the field in Coolard between two halves of the parish (Lisselton-Cross be the dividing line, South and North of Lisselton Cross)  and a juvenile match between Coolard and Lisselton schools.

    On the same day, local musicians give of their talent in Coolard school or outside if weather permits, as well as already mentioned vintage tractors and cars etc on display.

    All followed up of course by a get together that night over a drink or two, to sort out where the ref was wrong.( not only where he went wrong for today’s matches but also in the matches played 50-60 years ago).

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    Dan Foley

    i would gather all the u-12 team that won the division 5 bord na og league in 1979 in Rices for a few kicks …. We might all be older – and heavier – but some great memories. Dan F

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    Ted Murphy

    If I were at a Gathering in Ballydonoghue, I would enjoy doing a tour of all those archaeological, historical and legendary sites that the Parish has to offer. To visit and soak in the atmosphere of these unique places that inspired such poets and writers as, Pádraig Liath Ó Concubhair, Maurice Walsh, Robert Leslie Boland, an tAthair Micháel Ó Ciosáin and others.
    Then later, perhaps meet up with friends, neighbours in a local hostelry and hear a rendition sung of Seán McCarthy’s inspirational and descriptive song “The Key Above The Door”.
    That would certainly make my evening.

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    I would like to stand at the cross, look at the hill, and breath the fresh air. Take a nice walk to Ballyegan. Then stop at the pubs at night for some good Irish activities !!!!!!

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    Shiela and Myself with Sam some years ago


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    Mary Hegarty

    The crossroads dancing at Lisselton Cross is a great idea.Local musiscians could entertain us also!The 5 K walk would be great fun too.Voting for memorable characters in the parish (there were and still are a lot around!)should be great craic!Looking forward to the show!
    Mary Hegarty

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    Margaret Bloxham (nee Hegarty)

    The list on your website covers all options (that I can think of!).

    Well done & good luck!

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    Paul Spillane

    If I was at a gathering,i would be there with my father Joe Spillane and mum Mary and my brother Richard,talking and having the craic with dads uncles and my great uncles Patty and Peter Spillane over a pint in cantilions about there time in Sheperds bush London and about the great Kerry team of the 80s.

    When Dad and Mum visit us they normally bring a copy of magazine.

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    Keelin Kissane

    Maybe have a weekend of events for a gathering so that there is something for everyone – a walk, a field day and a big night out.

    Best of luck to the Ballydonoghue Parish Magazine – I look forward to it every Christmas!

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    Marion walsh

    A weekend festival would be superb.

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    Mike Kissane

    I would love to see a range of events being setup that would pit the various areas (Hill, Cross, Coolard, etc) of the parish against each other as a bit of friendly competition.

    Include events to suit all ages, and the scores of each event go towards a final total to crown an eventual winner.
    Everyone would be contributing to the overall team.

    Example events –

    Football games between the various age categories in a football blitz

    Dance and/or Music Competition for all ages

    Art competition for the school kids

    Treasure Hunt around the parish for families

    Online quiz or similar competition using Skype or so forth to bring in members of the parish that wouldn’t be able to make it home for the events.

    Great question to tax the mind and bring forward these kind of suggestions.
    Looking forward to the next edition of the magazine

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    Joe and Mary Spilllane

    Hallo to the Ballydonoghue Parish Magazine. If we were at a gathering in Ballydonoghue we would like to sit down and chat with relations and neighbours over a drink and have a bit of craic!

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    john e healy

    My nephew Shane Foley told me about the site There’s two big families from Urlee and Gloria Keep up the good work

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    Mike Donegan

    I would like meet as many people as possible,  who attended Lisselton School in the mid to late 50’s, through a social gathering with food, drinks, and name tags!  This could include special events at different pubs in the area.

    I would also be willing to participate in a Hillsters vs. Lowsters football match in the Coolard sportsfield.

  • #4126 Reply

    Kathleen price

    This is a great website. I’d love to visit Lisselton and find relations of my grandfather Tim O’Neill. He came to the US in 1898. He was born 1877 to Thomas and Bridget (Walsh) O’Neill. I have visited the graves at Lisselton Cemetery and also visited St. Theresa’s Church in 2001.

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    J. J. Bunyan

    I would like to attend a gathering of as many contributors (as possible) of articles to the parish magazine. They have made an enormous contribution to the valuable archive on events, people and places in the parish and in North Kerry via their individual enlightened articles.  I am wondering if there is a venue that could accommodate the collective creativity of all concerned?

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