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It happened at Hegarty’s Hall

By Mossie Walsh, Guhard (BPM 2014)      While I’m sure funny things happened at Hegarty’s Hall, I recall two funny incidents, which as Eamon Kelly would say are “pure true”. One night when there was a big crowd there, Seán Downes arrived at the hall in good...

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A Tribute to Thomas O’Connor

Thomas O'Connor, Glouria (9/09/1959 - 6/07/2016) My father was an extraordinary man. He led an extraordinary life and had extraordinary ways. He will be missed in a way greater than any words can explain. Since his death on July 6th, our lives have been met with...

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Animals of World War 1

One feature of World War 1 that the Lisselton soldiers would have been familiar with was the use of animals. Both sides used animals and birds in the war effort. Indeed the supply of horses was one of the first steps America took to get involved in the war, long...

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Storm in Lisselton 1850

Taken from Tralee Chronicles Dec 21st 1850 Dec 17th: A most awful and terrific thunderstorm occurred on Sat last in the neighbourhood of Ballybunion. The storm rushed over from the Clare side. In its progress through Lisselton, the electric fluid was caught by the...

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A Wild Flower of the Parish

The Buttercup There are about thirty six species of the Buttercup but the common type in the parish is the Meadow Buttercup. It is a perennial wildflower which means it lives for at least two years. This very noticeable bright yellow flower thrives on damp land and is...

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