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Welcome to Ballydonoghue Parish Magazine’s website. Over the years our vibrant community has had many interesting stories to tell. Our magazine facilitates our members with a means of connecting and sharing these stories. This website is an extension of our magazine, integrating participation and contribution from the community as a whole, providing real-time interactivity for our members to stay connected wherever they be. We now have a means of staying connected with family members or friends who may reside in different locations across the world, and we welcome their valued contributions in the form of articles, verse and photos.

Ballydonoghue WW1 Solders, A Pageant.

Announcing Heritage Week event for Ballydonoghue! Members of ONE and the Ballydonoghue Parish Magazine finalising plans for the “Ballydonoghue’s WW1 Soldiers, A Pageant” event at Lisselton Cross on Saturday, August 24th at 4pm. Families of the soldiers are cordially invited and there will be music, song, recitations and flag ceremonies on the day. All welcome to support National Heritage Week.


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Duck waves! A mother duck and her 6 ducklings navigate the June waters of the Gale River this afternoon. Have you any nature photos? Email to magazine@ballydonoghue.net ... See MoreSee Less

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Creative Writing for the Ballydonoghue Parish Magazine...
As time moves on and you may be wondering how to write a good one for the BPM/Maurice Walsh Creative Writing...John McGrath shares a few hints from his experience
Tips for writing
a) So you want to write well…
1. Read – see how the experts do it.
2. Decide – what you want to say.
3. Tús maith – a strong start.
4. Write – as if no one will read it!
5. Believe – your words are important.

b) So you want to write a good poem…
All of the above plus:
1. Honesty – from the heart.
2. Súil eile – a different angle/idea.
3. Images – to remember, not clichés.
4. Feelings – your own and the reader’s.
5. Be economical – with your words.

c) So you want to write a good story…
All of the above (a and b!) plus:
1. Characters – complex, not all bad or all good.
2. Plot – Conflict, challenge, resolution. Repeat!
3. Describe – people interacting with locations.
4. Show, don’t tell – Paint pictures with your words.
5. Motives and Goals lead to Action and Change.

And my own favourite writing tip:
“If you want to be a writer, place pen on page, then move pen across page” (Natalie Goldberg)

Happy scribbling!
John McGrath 2020
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May 2020 is gone but it can live on in your photos in the Ballydonoghue Parish Magazine. Email to magazine@ballydonoghue.net.
Here we see Lacca West, Barraduff and beyond on one of the dreamy May days we have had in 2020.
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